ISOMAT reinforces its presence in the German market

ISOMAT has acquired TRIANGEL Spezialbaustoffe GmbH, the distributor of its products in the German market since 2010, in order to be able to provide better and prompter support to its clients in the German region, as well as to reinforce and further expand its presence in the local market.

TRIANGEL Spezialbaustoffe GmbH was founded in 2009 in Forst near Karlsruhe, the second-largest city in the state of Baden-Württemberg, in southwest Germany. Mr. Lazaros Tsavdaridis, Civil Engineer graduate, will be the company’s new Managing Director from the 2nd of January 2018.

This acquisition is in line with ISOMAT’s corporate strategy of extroversion. The company keeps strengthening its international presence either through the creation of production or commercial subsidiaries or through cooperation with local distributors.